Monday, June 3, 2013

Clarity and Chaos draft reflection

Hmm. Where to start?

I think that the toughest part of this so far is to find a focus of the piece. At first glance, I knew that this would be better off as a longer-term narrative, so as to capture the full process, but the time constraints of the project sort-of limit that. That said, I then tried to focus on the branch of musicians that were actually in Kalamazoo, as their process of preparation for the tour while the other members were gone sounded really interesting. As for the actual reportage, I still have to get longer interviews with both Curtis and Chris. I was able to get a long interview with Aaron since our schedules worked well together, but thus far it's been hard to get solid interviews with the other two, and what I have from them thus far wasn't really worth putting in quotes, so I hope to get some more material for that. It's been fun, though, especially as it involves sitting (well, standing, as I was taking pictures for the final project) and listening and observing their mannerisms as they jam.

Otherwise, I think another issue to me was one of structure. The main action was their jam session, and so it was difficult to intersperse quotes for additional information without completely breaking the flow of the piece, which I still don't think I have quite right. Some feedback on that would definitely be appreciated on my end.

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