Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Process Writing: Profile

Well, it has been an interesting couple of weeks for this profile. I ended up switching from my original subject , as transportation became an issue. And so I landed upon the record shop. I have occasionally visited since my freshman year, and it probably would have been more frequent had I more than the average college-student budget. It always fascinated me that they have managed to stay in business, especially given their reliance on vinyl sales. I wanted that to be the main focus of my profile on the business, and so when I talked to Sean, the co-manager, we mainly talked about their target demographic and means of advertising, which include live shows for both local and touring bands. I think the most challenging thing thus far was the time crunch. I was only able to get an interview on Monday, which put a bit of a hustle on the process. I'm still in the process of picking through the interview for gems, so I may or may not switch around some of the dialogue, but we'll see. In addition to all that, it's more-or-less half done. As the summer approaches, the shop tends to host live shows in order to attract a crowd, and so that's where the rest of my reporting is going to be. The shop is usually almost empty whenever I go, so it will give me a chance to talk to some other people about their opinions on the shop in addition to that of the employees.

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