Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Process Writing: Personal Journalism

With this piece, my main concern/speculation was really based upon the role that dialogue plays in any narrative. This story, to me, is important as a formative aspect of my life in the fact that it has highly affected both my physical being as well as my consideration of injury versus passion.

The fact that this occurred seven years ago most definitely played a factor into the writing of the piece, especially in relation to dialogue. Some moments are still vivid in my mind, but the long stretch of time (and a good amount of blood loss) blurred others, which made me think of the explicit and truthful nature of narrative journalism.

Is it necessary to include large amounts of dialogue to convey a good story? Especially when memory is such a fickle beast? That was the main problem that I ran into in writing the piece, and given the nature of personal journalism, how much of a role it plays in divulging the role of human interaction in the experience.

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